less er time. more quality time.
Digital health innovations that monitor and manage chronic conditions across the new healthcare landscape. For today's healthcare consumer.
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improving quality. saving lives.
Simplify how patients, doctors and caregivers track and manage health conditions. Track, report and manage health conditions through digital health transformation and healthcare services innovations.
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healthcare redefined

The Ideal Life platformTM

simplifies how patients, doctors and caregivers track, monitor and manage health conditions. Track useful and timely information in an efficient manner for focused and timely interventions and interactions. Engage patients through technology tools and support to streamline and enable teachable moments. Health coaching with video calls, automated notifications and scalable resource allocation. Cutting-edge cross platform management services and software tools, coupled with innovative hardware tools enable organizations to deliver large scale remote health monitoring and population management services across the healthcare ecosystem.

built for you

We're here to help. Our scalable system has got you covered - whether you're an individual looking to manage your own health or a professional looking to monitor thousands of patients.

Easy to use

Use our easy-to-use devices or stick to ones you're already familiar with - all while using our automated software tools.

Proven and Efficient

Save time, lower costs, and reduce: EF visits, hospital bed days and readmissions. Efficiently manage patients from virtually anywhere.

Powered by the Secure Ideal Life CloudTM

Scale as big or as small as you want. It's all made possible by our innovative cloud-based intelligent platform.

how it works

We've worked hard to create the easiest and most intuitive system on the market. Wireless operation means no complicated installations and no need for patients to ever touch a computer. Send patient readings to the cloud without any user input. Doctors and nurses only need to open a web browser to start managing patients in minutes.


a reading at home.


The Ideal Life Secure CloudTM communicates information across your healthcare network.


Your healthcare network can intervene when necessary. Analytics and intelligent services make managing conditions more efficient.

ready when you are

With our secure cloud based and powered solution, care doesn't have to stop when you step out the door. Log in through any web browser and start monitoring patients. Interact with relevant data across all your devices. Patients don't need access to a computer and can use our specialized services through their personal devices to monitor their own readings and keep in touch with caregivers through notifications and secure video messaging.

made to work with your devices

Seamlessly integrate existing monitoring devices with our system. Use devices from
















, and more. Don't have any of those? No problem - you can use our own

Ideal Life

devices, specially designed to work with all of our system's features.

save time. save money. save lives.

Do more with less. Taking readings remotely means less hospital visits and less time patients spend traveling. Keep costs down and free up valuable personnel and resources without sacrificing level of care.
*Out of 1109 Enrolled Patients
Data from Queens University Smith School of Business Study funded by Department of Health
Study and summary: [1] [2]

who we are

Here at


we've been revolutionizing healthcare for almost 20 years. We continue to dedicate ourselves in pursuit of our mission to further push the boundaries of healthcare technology innovation. We're always looking forward to our next project, and we'd love to put our knowledge, experience, and technical know-how to work for you!

We believe the connected health landscape is the key to better care for everyone. Our dream is for everyone - no matter where they are located - to have access to quality healthcare.

our history of innovation
The founders of IDEAL LIFE begin the path of disrupting an industry. Traditional players in telemedicine focused on mini-computers for local data processing and video conferencing; expensive and technically complex.
The first patent is issued which validates the innovative technology based approach of IDEAL LIFE - to leverage the power of remote data processing through simplified local viewing tools (or terminals) rather than high powered intelligent local processing devices The electronics industry begins to release the first consumer Bluetooth products (headphones, keyboards) with many technical challenges.
IDEAL LIFE is founded. At that time the only products in industry are cardiac event monitors or high end remote ECG.
The first prototype of hardware and information management platform released; 2nd patent issued.
Information management platform moves to production in secure hosting facility; 3rd patent issued. Bluetooth 2.0 released amidst conflicting reports if it will grow and survive the many challenges it has technically and the poor launch it experienced.
First test pilot launched, with first devices wirelessly communicated over RF protocol in February; 4th & 5th patents issued; IDEAL LIFE begins working with next generation Bluetooth technologies and continues innovating on its core technology platform.
Bluetooth version of IDEAL LIFE hardware launched; FDA clears first ever over-the-counter Bluetooth medical device for remote health management Industry largely focuses on Class 2 Bluetooth where IDEAL LIFE innovates to simplify pairing and ensure distance with Class I.
IDEAL LIFE Bluetooth glucose meter cleared. 2-3 years later first competing products in diabetes world surface
More patents cleared; first exposure to the world of the innovative IDEAL LIFE platform at ATA 2009
Rural Medicaid now being served for the first time by an integrated community based and home based remote monitoring platform (launch of kiosk and home based monitoring in rural North Carolina)
IDEAL LIFE partners with Sprint & Verizon to launch M2M medical devices; Launch of largest NIH funded grant for assessing nurse coaching and technology as an intervention - UCLA Beat project with IDEAL LIFE.
IDEAL LIFE partners with ADT with an eye on true continuity of care and aging in place with confidence
IDEAL LIFE launches integrated secure video and a device agnostic adapter.
IDEAL LIFE launches largest EMS remote health monitoring project in Canada. Warehouse is relocated to a 100,000 squarefoot facility to support ever expanding business needs.
IDEAL LIFE selected as preferred RPM partner by Cerner
IDEAL LIFE selected as preferred RPM partner by Cognizant
Largest Third Party Validation Study of it's Kind Released, Validating IDEAL LIFE and Remote Patient Monitoring - Patient Satisfaction, Improved Clinical Outcomes and an ROI of Over 500%

still not convinced?

"I believe that working with Ideal Life has improved my life, as much as the patients'..."

Project Manager, South Boston Community Health Center, Verizon Foundation

We've been one of the leaders of innovation in the telemedicine and digital health space since early 2000. Our system is proven, tested, and used by thousands of people every day, including health professionals, doctors and caregivers. Don't just take our word for it -- see what others have to say about The Ideal Life PlatformTM.

The Ideal Life Platform


Frost & Sullivan

Customer Value Leadership Award

Connected World Awards

Connected World Awards

Canada Health Infoway

Remote Patient Monitoring Leadership Recognition

CATA Alliance

Innovation award for Outstanding Product Achievement

ABL Innovations in Healthcare

ABBY Award

embrace the future

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